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Richard Comte Solo Innermap VINYLE

Richard Comte : electric guitare

InnerMap is a project dealing with the perception and representation of physical space. The memory of towns and cities - and the quasi-organic nature of their networks with their ebb and flow - are central to the work, acting as a metaphor for an internal, mental, cartography.

In this way, the performance of improvised music for guitar offers a succession of interconnected sonic landscapes. Powerful and overwhelming electrical drones saturate the environment ; acoustic resonances liberate and open the space to new colours which enable an internal unfolding, a sensitive and immersive sonic experience.

Recorded by Richard Comte at Performing Art Forum’s Chapel in July 2012
Mixed and mastered by Richard Comte in Brussels in November 2012
Artwork by Olivier Ruellet adapted from "Anatomy of a City" 2009
contact : - +33614443841

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